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Helping people follow Jesus

The process for a new believer or someone entering in fellowship in our community of faith will take place in stages.


One-on-one’s "Visitor Program"-

The Heights Church plant is the result of a God given vision and is committed to impacting the city of Airway Heights Washington.  It is anticipated the church will receive local visitors from all denominations, races, cultures, backgrounds and social status.  This is due, in part, to the close proximity of Fairchild Air Force Base and Airway Heights Corrections Center, which causes the relocation of many families, spouses and friends to the City of Airway Heights and surrounding areas.  

As the Heights Church nears its opening of September 8, 2013 it is important that a visitor program be implemented to capture information and identify needs among those who enter the church doors.

A priority will be to develop a strong group of spirit filled believers to lead others to salvation and to train others in discipleship.


Starting point class (member class)-

The starting point class will be  3 weeks long.  The class will consist of vision, values, mission of the foursquare church and the Heights.  Class member’s will then be connected into a life group and introduced into what class will be next.

The starting point class is designed for those who have had the opportunity to sit with a member or those that would like to know more.  This class is for those new to the church, new to getting involved or new to the faith.  Our goal is 12 or less in each class so we can get to know them on a personal level and then help them make a next step in joining a life group, starting point class or getting baptized. This class is about getting them connected into meaningful and deeper relationships.  If we are to help people follow Jesus they need to be in community and they need a defined path to take.
A senior team member or a pastor will facilitate the class along with a representative of a life group.  Each week a different life group leader will share.  That life group leader will then share a “grow and go” moment.

Life Groups-

Members will be introduced into a life group based off of location and interest.  All life groups will have an apprentice and multiplication module.



Classes will be limited for the first year (hey we are just starting)
Missional living
Spiritual gifts
Devotions (understanding the bible)