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Services are now at: 12703 W 14th Avenue, Airway Heights, WA 99001 at 8:30am and 10:30am

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  • Services are now at: 12703 W 14th Avenue, Airway Heights, WA 99001 at 8:30am and 10:30am
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Meet the invididuals who prepare the ground for our community and are inspired to be servant leaders. With a passion for the body of Christ and the community of Airway Heights, each week, this team gives their time and skills to serve others.

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Jacob Powers

Jacob Powers - Lead Pastor

My walk started a bit later than some. I never attended a youth group, did not attend church on Sundays or major holidays either. My first vivid memory is of my dad reading the bible on our farm when I was a child but that was my only memory of God or religion. After leaving home (Cheney WA) in 1997 and serving in the Marine Corps for 4 years, I came back to Spokane to study business at Eastern Washington University. When I entered the Marine Corps I was issued a Bible (and I read the OT, story of Samson) but with no guidance or mentoring I related church to a place where I fell asleep for an extra hour or two on Sundays. During my college years I openly mocked my Christian friends, which lead to me having no Christian friends. I partied late and slept with multiple women, and had a no respect for religion or Christianity attitude. During my junior year of college I met a friend whose whole family I quickly became close with, they were Christians who walked the walk and talked the talk. Her younger brother attended Life Center where he served on the drama team. He continually invited me to his church to see him perform. After many invitations I went. God knew his plan for me because I went to see my friend “perform” but had an intimate encounter with God. That day at 25 years of age I said “yes” to God. Then a year went by, I attended church sort of in secret. It was the don’t ask, don’t tell policy about attending church. Roommates didn’t ask why I was up early on a Sunday and I didn’t freely tell them why I was getting up.

That first year I didn’t change much about my life. I still worked downtown at a bar and I wasn’t in a serious relationship. Then I met my future wife and our third date was church. We started reading the bible together (yes we met at the bar I worked at) but this relationship started to develop our relationship in Christ. Our HEARTS started to change and grow as the spirit took ahold. I decided to volunteer in Children’s ministry. That developed into an internship. Although I wasn’t ready to delve into full time ministry God was preparing my heart for the change. After my internship I continued to work in the secular world until God plainly showed me and told me he had a very different plan for my life. I started to take classes in 2007 through SMI (Spokane Ministry Institute) at Life Center North, I was offered a position on staff and from there Jesus started to radically change my life for His purpose. My wife, Kym, and I took all three tracts of SMI at LCN. We were active in ministry and bible studies. God revealed his plans for us, as he was growing us up in him, and readied us with the Call of Church planting. Through the mentoring of Mike and Tesa, and wisdom and call from God we knew we were ready to radically step out in faith for Jesus. Using all he is equipping us with to sell our house, move our family to Airway Heights, and plant a church to inspire and bring more members to His kingdom. We love the west plains and we truly felt like Airway heights would be the town we raised our family. We are being faithful, obedient servants to God’s will in our lives and look forward to the journey he has for us and our family.

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Kym Powers

Kym Powers - Co-Pastor

Growing up believing in Christ was something I had said yes to at an early age, but I would have termed myself as a “BNW” (believer not a walker).  I was active in Young life and attended Sunday service with friends or on my own throughout High School.  Grace and salvation were terms I understood and believed in but unbeknownst to me I had yet to have a heart change.  As I grew up and went off to college I was much more of the world than a light in it.  Parties, drinking and dating were a priority along with studying and staying at the top of my class, moving 400 miles away for college brought independence but I did not get connected with a church or attend any services.  It wasn’t until an old friend (Pastor Dan Burch) whom I grew up with moved to the Spokane area to be a worship pastor and reached out to me.  We went on a hike one day and he asked me questions about my faith and walk with Christ.  My answers were shallow and I suddenly realized there was no depth to my belief in Christ it was purely superficial.  Per his invite I went to check out a service at Life Center North.  Between the hike with a spiritually mature Christian, the Message Pastor Mike spoke, and an overwhelming burden of how I had been living my life placed squarely and heavily on my heart I recommitted my faith in Christ.  It went far beyond just a “yes.” I signed up to serve, decided not to date for at least a year, and made a heart commitment to Christ that led me down the path of rectifying  past hurt, regret, and healing.  In that year my life was changed and I can say my foundation in Christ was built.  At the end of that year I met my husband and our third date was church.  God built in me a solid foundation and then allowed me to meet Jacob and build an even more concrete foundation with him at my side, grounded in Christ.

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Heather Petro

Heather Petro - Groups leader

Heather Petro was born in Denver, Colorado. She came into this world fighting for her life. A strength her father and mother affectionately say has never left her and an attribute they love. Her husband often refers to her as “tough as nails, with a caring heart”. She is married to her High School sweet-heart, Matt, for 20 years. They have an amazing son & daughter, Brendan (17yrs) and Caitlyn (11yrs). She has attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, Eastern Washington University, and Maryland University.

She grew up with a passion for horses; riding, training, showing and competing which was a year round endeavor. In addition to her passion of horses was her love of dance and color guard. She started competing at a young age and has continued to love the “Sport of the Arts”, having committed over 20 years to coaching in High schools, Universities and Drum and Bugle Corps.  Coming from a family with meager means, she learned to work hard for what she wanted and looked at every challenge as an opportunity. The youngest of three sisters living in a two-bedroom/one-bath apartment, had its challenges. She laughs remembering the quick and efficient way she, her Mom & sisters had to share valuable space.

She enjoys her coffee and her toes in the beach sand at the edge of the ocean, hockey, skiing, rock climbing, scuba diving, running, dancing and is always ready to try something new. Horses, and dance aren’t for the faint of heart. She learned toughness, stamina, endurance, achievement & heartbreak. Valuable lessons for a life lived to its fullest. This however, was something she attributes as a gift from the one she loves most; her Heavenly Father. She felt in the lowest of lows and the Highest of Highs, Jesus Christ has been her consistent steadfast love and rock. She credits everything to Him who has given her grace and mercy and blessed her abundantly.

Married to a military pilot, she learned to be ready to move at the drop of a hat whenever the Air Force gave the order. She had many sleepless nights as her husband served in unknown locations with an unknown date of return. As a stay-at-home mom she learned to be mother and father when the Air Force called her beloved away again. Her children are her heart’s joy and as their biggest fan she is always in the stands cheering them on. She enjoys being the taxi driver, accountant, maid, cook, party coordinator, appointment maker, volunteer, teacher, dog walker, counselor etc… She balances the challenges, giving God all the glory for the successes and failures knowing He has given her all the tools she needed to make it through and His grace is always sufficient. Everywhere she has been in the world she has had the opportunity to share God’s love with women; teaching and serving wherever she goes. Women she affectionately calls the “Jewels in her life”.

She has traveled with her husband & children extensively and always looks forward to the next adventure. The next season of their life and new adventure is settling down in Spokane, Washington as her husband is now retired and has a new career in education. She recently founded Live BIG ministry, and accepts this new challenge as an opportunity to share her one true love, Jesus Christ. 

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Delores Dee Shack

Delores Dee Shack - Develop Pastor

I was raised during the turbulent Sixties/Seventies or Vietnam Era and readily bought into the prevailing values. Our slogans were "Power to the people", "If it feels good do it", "Make love not war", "Love the one you're with", " Live and let live", "Government can't be trusted" (Watergate), "War, what is it good for...absolutely nothing". Our terms were "Drop a dime" (pay phone), "Boss" (Fantastic), "Skirt" (Girl) "Flake" (Useless person) "Bummed out" (Depressed), which most of us were but wouldn't admit it. Joseph Campbell proposed, "Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls". The music of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin,  Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, James Taylor, Carole King, Isaac Hayes, Roberta Flack, Donnie Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, and Gladys Knight, transported you hopefully to a place of nirvana as you dwelt in a smokey haze alone or with a group of friends. Yet, with all that coolness and being raised in a semi Christian home my life was an absolute wreck. From multiple relationships, a broken marriage, three children, indulgent credit card debt, an empty bank account, broken friendships and a weary burned out soul, I tried to get away from it all by joining the Army. The problem with running away without making any corrections whatsoever is,  I took my misery with me and reestablished the same pattern of wreckage in Hawaii, my first military duty station. The Holy Scripture (the Bible) says " There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death" (Proverbs 14:12 KJV).

I had a ton of DEATH and saw no way out of the casket. Unfortunately, because of a cascading effect, my children were experiencing a whirlwind of consequences due to my poor decision making. My home life was in total disarray. That, was until I went to church with my favorite drinking buddy. For the first time in my life, I saw people who truly believed the bible and I heard the bible taught in a manner that unmasked my sinful lifestyle. God ripped the covers off my trash and made me face it, that is when I realized I was desperately in need of a Savior. The answer was Jesus. Thankfully, there was already a plan set in motion to get me out of trouble (Salvation), John 3:17.

It took quite a few years (10+) for God to undo my messes and set me the children on a better path, for us to grow in Him, but He did it. Fifteen years later after studying the bible diligently, taking courses, attending leadership training (military, secular & Christian), never missing a service (3x/wk), working full-time as a nurse, I became a part of a ministry team (1997). I have since settled in the West plains area (2001) after retiring from the military (Desert Storm vet) and have been privileged along the way to act as interim pastor for a local church. Was it easy, No, but it was and still is a grand adventure of faith. God can turn around any situation whether financial, physical, domestic, or social. He has proved that in many ways in my life. I am an example of His ability to transform a life and it is an honor to be able to helps others in the same predicament.

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Toby Broemmeling

Toby Broemmeling - Engage

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Kym Powers

Kym Powers - Worship Director


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Sarah Slater

Sarah Slater - Nursery

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Steven Titus

Steven Titus - Next Generation Leader

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Jeannine Dryden

Jeannine Dryden - Administrator

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Rick Sapone

Rick Sapone - Council Member

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Marissa Broemmeling

Marissa Broemmeling - Council Member

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Ryan Stemkoski

Ryan Stemkoski - Council Member

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Barb Snodgrass

Barb Snodgrass - Treasurer

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